Vettel: Mercedes "0.3-0.4" seconds ahead

Vettel: Mercedes "0.3-0.4" seconds ahead

Ferrari Formula 1 pilot Sebastian Vettel thinks Mercedes is "0.3-0.4" seconds faster than his nearest competitor following the opening Grand Prix of the 2018 season.


Vettel has reached the zenith of the Australian Grand Prix in front of Lewis Hamilton, thanks to a well-established period of virtual safety equipment, but the German pilot admits that it is a "lucky" victory after the race and that Ferrari is not on the same level as Mercedes yet he had.

Before the second race of the year to be held in Bahrain, Vettel predicted how fast it was compared to Mercedes' Ferrari and other stronger rival Red Bull.

"If you look at the speeds in the tests and the first race, it's clear that Mercedes is the fastest team with a difference like '0.3-0.4'," Vettel said.

"We also saw it at the same time in the race, obviously Lewis was controlling his speed at the start and then forced when he had to."

"Obviously, he had more speed. I think that's a logical answer. I think the teams behind him are very close, "he said.

Hamilton achieved the pole position in Australia, ahead of Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari, with a margin of 0.664 seconds. But Vettel said that this difference did not reflect the truth and that both him and Red Bull should be closer to Max Verstappen's British pilots.

When asked if the forecast was for sorting or racing, Vettel said, "I think the difference in order in Melbourne seems a little bigger than it is."

"If you look at the session again, especially in Q2 Mercedes and Lewis could not bring the tour together and then it was able to do it in Q3."

"I also think that Max made a small mistake in Q3 and I made a small mistake so we should be a little closer."

"I think it's a difference both in the lineup and in the race, so I can say for both of them," he said.

Raikkonen stressed that Ferrari was not interested in predicting how far back from Mercedes he was and that the realization that Hamilton caught on the pole track in Australia was not very important.


Fin pilot said, "You can keep track of as many times as you want, we'll see where we are during the weekend,"

"I do not care about guessing where we are or what the difference is in qualifying, there are a lot of factors to change, we'll make it all handy, and we'll see where we are in the race and where we are in the race."

"Most importantly, where we are after the Sunday race."

"As long as we win every market, I am happy to be two seconds behind. said.

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