Mercedes: We have similar engine power with Ferrari

Mercedes: We have similar engine power with Ferrari

Mercedes pilot Lewis Hamilton does not think that the engine they have in Formula 1 brings them a big advantage over the Ferrari.


Speaking on Thursday before the Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend, Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel said Mercedes had a speed advantage of 0.4 seconds at the beginning of the season.

Mercedes was the most powerful engine manufacturer of Formula 1 in the V6 turbo hybrid, which began in 2014. Hamilton, however, thinks Ferrari has captured Mercedes in terms of engine power.

Commenting on Vettel's comment on Mercedes' advantage, Hamilton said, "I do not have any numbers, the team did not give me a number."

"They were thinking that we were in the same order as they were, and what they were saying to me was exactly what they were saying ... It was a really great development and the team told me there might be a slight advantage to them on the race."

"It was hard to say for sure in a race, they had different driving profiles, especially on the fuel side of the race."

"We can get a better idea at future races." said.

Ferrari seems to have achieved the minimum gain target of 10 hp compared to the 2017 power unit with the 2018 F1 engine.

The SF71H, which had a lower downforce, was faster than Mercedes on the plains in Australia.


The Hamilton took advantage of the 0.6-second advantage of qualifying, while the safety gear in the middle of the race led the race to the top of the race with ease.

The British pilot said he was ready to be stronger this weekend.

"I may be happy with that, but I started from the front and I'm second, and you do not want to fall back anyway."

"It was hard for all of us, but everyone in the team felt the same pain. After the race we all got together, we sat and we had something."

"I come to Bahrain very positively and strongly, we have a good direction on how to proceed, Mercedes is a great team."

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Vettel: Mercedes "0.3-0.4" seconds ahead

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