Red Bull and Honda made their first official engine meeting!

Red Bull and Honda made their first official engine meeting!

Honda and Red Bull made their first formal meeting for a possible Formula 1 engine deal.
Red Bull, who is currently fighting Renault, closely follows Toro Rosso's performance / Honda's development this year from the Renault motor to the Honda engine.


Red Bull's motorsport consultant Helmut Marko met with Masashi Yamamoto, Honda's motorsport manager, at the weekend of the Azerbaijan GP.

Together with the Baku meeting, Honda and Red Bull met for the first time a potential supply agreement, and both parties expressed the desired conditions for a possible deal.

Red Bull and Honda plan to continue negotiations until May 15, the FIA's deadline for motor supply.

The date can be stretched if all engine manufacturers and the FIA agree, but Renault wants the final decision on whether to continue with Red Bull on May 15th after the current deal to be finalized later this year.

While it is known that Renault is preparing a major performance update for the Canadian GP in June, Honda is also considering a major update for the same race.

If Red Bull did not have an engine supply contract as much as that, then there would be a significant comparison between the performance and the level of development of these two producers.

While the Red Bull-Renault partnership brought four championships between 2010 and 2013, the sides started to have trouble with the transition to V6 turbo hybrid engines.

Even if Red Bull continues to work with Renault on top of it, the engine is sponsored by Tag Heuer and the name of the engine is now "Tag Heuer".

The Austrian team was the only team to win nine races with the Renault engine since 2014, winning the Renault engine during this period.

While Daniel Ricciardo reached the Chinese GP this year, Red Bull won the Mercedes team for the first time after 2013, but there were some problems with the power unit in the first races.


Thereupon, speculation began to emerge that Red Bull would continue to gamble with Honda.

The Japanese manufacturer does not have a motor that can compete for a win even though he works on an energy recovery system and an internal combustion engine, but he has strong hints that he will make further progress in 2018.

Toro Rosso managed to be fourth with Pierre Gasly this year, which was better than McLaren's best result in the last three years.

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