Red Bull drivers expect to be strong in the race

Red Bull drivers expect to be strong in the race

Red Bull pilots Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo said the team will have a "very strong" edge in the race, while the Dutch pilot said the problem with the second training session was due to a faulty sensor.


The Dutch pilot did not finish the day with a pit turn at the end of the second training session after the first training session.

Speaking after the session, however, Verstappen said the problem was not worrying.

"We thought it was a problem, but we found that one of the sensors was faulty, so there is nothing to worry about," Verstappen said. said.

Verstappen said he could not find any reason for the first seaning accident, but he said he was glad to be back after the car was repaired and that the second seanstans had a good job.

"There was a lot of wind, but I do not know, I lost the back of the car, I threw the spinner and hit the wall."

"I'm sorry, the floor was very wobbly, I could not get the car together and hit the wall."

"Fortunately, the second session was not very influential, so I'm happy."

"The mechanics are a very good outlet, and the second seansta has completed a large part of our program."

Verstappen says Daniel Ricciardo is in the best position with the fastest name in the second training session, yet Ferrari and Mercedes are expected to be strong in the qualifying rounds.

"We look fast, of course, we want to improve and they will be closer together with the modes they have in the qualifying rounds."

Chinese Grand Prix winner Daniel Ricciardo finished second in Baku, but he believes his opponents have better single-track performances.

"Today we were fast, we could have been better with our ultra soft dough, but we were very good with super soft dough.

"I do not know how fast the others can be in order, but even if we do not get to the front-door, we will be a very powerful vehicle for victory.


In addition, the Australian pilot said that Ferrari and Mercedes will be very strong in the first sector, but Red Bull will close the middle sector.

Ricciardo said, "I feel good and I feel very comfortable here today, and this is very important on the street tracks, you have to feel comfortable in the car, there was no fear.

Generally a track with a sense of grip, so it is difficult to have a great ride here, but I am very satisfied with the conditions. Tomorrow and Sunday will continue in the same way. The only factor that makes the car feel bad is the wind, which will be very violent for the next two days. But this is the same for everyone.

"The most important thing on this track is self confidence, if you feel good in the car, you can get good laps."

"I still can not find a rhythm in short runs, but we are very competitive on long runs."

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