Bottas: I know I can be a World Champion

Bottas: I know I can be a World Champion

Valtteri Bottas, in Formula 1, always stated that his goal was the championship and that he had the full faith that he would do it.

Bottas began competing with Williams in Formula 1 in 2013, and in 2017, he competed in Mercedes instead of Nico Rosberg.


Having won his first victory in Russia last year, Fineman could not perform the same performance as Lewis Hamilton and finished third in the season.

Bottas has managed to beat Hamilton in the second and third races this year despite qualifying for Melbourne's qualifying rounds, once again repeating that the title is the championship.

"I want to be a champion, I hope this is a success, this is the only goal in my career, I have not set a goal other than being a champion."

"But I do not see it as a pressure, I work hard and enjoy what I do because when I enjoy it, I know that I drive fast, and I am confident that one day everything will come together."

Bottas also considered racing for the 100th in the Chinese Grand Prix.

"I have to be honest, the 100th race has not been a goal for me, I think I was just going to be a world champion when I was a kid, so I keep on pursuing this dream."

"For me, it's just a figure, but you can better understand how quickly the time has passed, I feel like starting last year, but I'm passing the sixth season."

"I have no goal in terms of the number of races, I do not know if it will be more than 100, perhaps more than 200. I have not set a goal in this matter, to be honest, my goals are all about results."

"If you have goals and you are pursuing this goal, it is very important that you enjoy every moment of the day, and you should enjoy every day and everything you do."

When asked about the best memories in F1, Bottas said, "I had my first win in Formula 1 in Russia last year, it was very special because what I was aiming at was great."

"You do not expect this to happen when you start your Formula 1 career, for example I've waited over 80 races to win the first race, which is a big and special moment for me." gave the answer.

When asked about the worst races, Bottas said, "When you can not finish the race, it's technically a failure, there are a few in 100 races, a great chance not to be too much."

"For example, if your suspension breaks, your tire explodes, your motor breaks down, then you will be disappointed by the whole team's work."

"If I made a mistake and missed a good result because of me, then this is the worst feeling that can happen because it's a sport, it's part of the learning process and it makes you stronger."

"When the next chief is in a good situation to solve these problems, you feel stronger and you start to get it."

"You always want to be ahead and win, but at the end of the day a person can win a race." Last year in Baku, in the first round, Kimi and I had to come back to contact.

"After the first round, I was behind one round and I started to go back to the fight, I finished the race in the second and I won the second with the finish in the finish line. Of course, it would have been better before but this is really an exciting race. said.


Bottas also praised Hamilton.

"I know Lewis really well, he's a very fast pilot, but he's a good guy, and my old teammate Felipe Massa was a very good man."

"If I look at the pilot, I learned a lot of detail from Lewis, different driving lanes, different driving styles and different vehicle settings ..."

"These are good details and I'm always a pilot who is willing to learn, he's a very experienced pilot, but at the same time I see that nothing is spontaneous, he works very well and he is a true team player."

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