Red Bull trusts Verstappen's abilities

Red Bull trusts Verstappen's abilities

Christian Horner says that despite his mistakes by Max Verstappen, his Dutch driver will continue to improve because he has won every race.

Max Verstappen, one of the most talked-up names of recent years, continues to come to the rescue with his spin in Australia, contact with Lewis Hamilton in Bahrain and finally with Sebastian Vettel in China.


The Dutch driver,  was able to win the Chinese Grand Prix with beautiful attacks, as he could not make the podium until this year.

While this increased the oppression on Verstappen, the Dutch pilot boss Christian Horner supported the young driver.

"Yes, Max made some mistakes, but as I said before, I remember that Sebastian had gone through similar periods in his career and made similar mistakes."

"I think Max has learned a lot and will use them well in future races."

"His talent is obvious, his courage and his racing power are incredible, but he is very impatient and there is no doubt that he will learn something from it."

Horner also considered Verstappen's affair with Hamilton at the seventh corner.

"Max had the advantage of holding the road and getting better driving, then he kept himself outside of Lewis and stayed with him, but it's not easy to do it there."

"If you look at Hamilton, he was a bit more generous with Daniel during the braking, but you have to remember that Daniel is acting differently on the time and place Max tried to attack."


Horner thinks Verstappen will gain experience just like Ricciardo.

"Daniel is now a versatile pilot and competing at the peak of his performance, that's exactly what has happened in the last few years."

"Now he is very fast and experienced, and there is a balance between the two, he's one of the best attacking pilots and he's really impeccable."

"I know that his career is different than where Max is now, Max is very young and new, so he gets experience."

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