Verstappen: I will not change my driving style

Verstappen: I will not change my driving style

Max Verstappen reiterates that he will not change his driving style despite Lewis Hamilton's theme in Bahrain.


Max Verstappen, known for his aggressive attacks and defenses, has been involved in events almost every year since he came to Formula 1.

The Dutch driver who spins in Melbourne and falls to the back of the grid crashed in the qualifying rounds of Bahrain and started the race from the 15th place.

The young pilot, who came up behind Lewis Hamilton with a good start, attacked the British pilots in the first bend, but the contact between the duo and the left rear tire exploded and damaged the vehicle.

Hamilton without a damage, Verstappen was out of the race after a few laps.

"Maybe we should talk to Lewis this weekend, which depends on whether it really is necessary."

"What was I supposed to do against him before anything else? It's easy to blame a young driver for him, but things like that can happen, there's no reason to do that, I will not change anything."

"I do not think I'm doing anything wrong, I was just trying to get past a car, and I thought I had a good chance of it."

"I really do not understand why people get so fussed because these things are things that can happen in races."

"At the end of the vehicle, I saw and felt what it was, and it's a race that sometimes works, sometimes it is useless." You can say what you want about the event, but I made a fair move. "

"I'm sure it was not crazy, it was not risky, but unfortunately it did not work this time, what can I do?"

"For example, I look back on last year's Mexico, and it worked but it did not work, maybe we did not have enough space for each other, but at the end of the day, it's a race.


"We know that we are experiencing some performance and speed loss in the race and all of this is getting less and less impact on the race because I was confident that I could get a position before the race because I thought the car could come out of the podium.

"Earning points is always important and is always our main goal, but we are here to compete and win the podium. We want to do this, I'll do it again this weekend, so I will not change anything."

"I'm looking forward to a fresh start here because we have a good vehicle, we bring promising things, so we're ready to be good."

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