Red Bull wants to ban the "party mode"

Red Bull wants to ban the "party mode"

Red Bull wanted the FIA to put an end to "party modes" that provided more performance in the qualifying rounds, and that the Formula 1 pilots had the same engine settings.


Lewis Hamilton won a considerable amount of time in the third part of his qualifying tour in Melbourne, which was followed by a new debate on the German manufacturer's special engine modes.

While the Brackley-based team and Hamilton underestimate comments on party modes, Red Bull thinks the conditions in Australia force Mercedes to use the engine's true potential and reveal the power of the team.

Helmut Marko, from Red Bull, told, "You get nervous because Valtteri Bottas had an accident, then suddenly you started driving at full power.

"Normally they do not need it, but they use it all here and they play with us all."

"At first, nobody was there, and everybody thought, 'Red Bull is always complaining about everything,' but now the others have awakened, and now there's a lot of debate about it."

"There are so many easy things we can solve and equalize in this matter, for example, you can say that you have to compete in the race mode, sort mode.

"If they do this in the next race, that will not happen again."


Red Bull Racing's team boss Christian Horner also thinks that a work on sorting modes would be a good solution.

"You can say that we can work in the same engine modes for the weekend, it's like a party hell, and we want to join such parties!" Horner told

They did not take any risks in the first and second part of the qualifying rounds last year, and they opened it in the last part, obviously the difference between the second part and the third part is very important because there are not too many tire pieces in the track.

"To be honest, Max [Verstappen] made a small mistake, we should be in potentially half a second, as the delta shows in engine modes."

"I think the engine modes are something to consider, we have a closed park and can use the same mode for sorting and racing, it's up to the FIA and they have what they want to do."

Renault: Fat burning limit should be further reduced
However, Renault Sport boss Cyril Abiteboul says that it would be difficult to adapt to such a restriction, but instead says he should further reduce the fat burning limit he believes will impact his sequencing performance.

Speaking to, Abiteboul said, "I think it would be extremely difficult to do this in a technical sense, and I wanted to do it with Marko, but it's really hard to do it in technical terms."

"I think that our first goal is to reduce the burning of fat, and there is a 0.6-liter rule right now, but it's possible to have a motor with this kind of consumption in 2018, and I can not see any reason to choose it . "

"If we wanted to do something about this, it would be the clearest solution for me." said.

Hamilton may break Raikkonen's 27 race record

Hamilton may break Raikkonen's 27 race record

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