Perez: Force India is worse than expected

Perez: Force India is worse than expected

"We thought we'd be a little closer to the fight, but we were not there," Perez said.


"It's regrettable but we have a long season ahead and hopefully we can make it better."

"Unfortunately at this point, this is the car we have, in fact, the car's balance was really strong ... Unfortunately, there is nothing we can quickly solve, it's just where we are."

"We've been in this position before, we're not normally the best team in Melbourne, I hope we'll be the best of the rest when we go to Abu Dhabi."

"We have a long season ahead, we have some hopes and goals, tomorrow will be a long race, and if we can reach the finish line, we can win points with a good strategy."

Perez adds that he will not give up.

"I do not think it will be, I'm optimistic about this, I'm looking forward to the race, it gives me a smile on my tour today, it was one of the bad days, but there is a long season ahead and the season just started.


Force India had a quiet pre-season testing period with the VJM11, but it kept expectations high in Australia with a major update package.

Ocon voiced that the team succeeded in making progress with this package and could do more in the future.

"We have to be optimistic, it's not just finished, it's just the first race, it was not good here last year, there will be some more tracks that fit us in. We got better as the season progressed last year."

"So there is not yet finished, the race will be tomorrow, and there are 20 more races after that, so we will try to do our best and be stronger in the next race."

"I think if we look at vehicle performance, updating has improved us, so that's basically a good step, and we need a little more to fight back to the nail" We did a good job this week on pure improvement, but we need a little more. "

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