Ocon: We are not friends with Perez

Ocon: We are not friends with Perez

Esteban Ocon said he was not friends in real life with his team-mate Sergio Perez before the new season, but he did not feel bad feelings for each other.


Ocon started competing in Force India last year instead of Nico Hulkenberg and had contact with Sergio Perez from time to time in his first year.

The last touch in the Belgian Grand Prix was the last move to overtake the Indian team and they were not allowed to compete with each other in the remaining races.

From Force India, Otmar Szafnauer said that in the past few weeks, the two sides could compete with each other because they are now mature.

Speaking before the new season, Mercedes' young talent, Ocon, said that there was no problem with Perez, but they were not friendly either.

"We went through quite a difficult period, and during the weekend we were fighting every session in 0.1 seconds, even in 0.010 seconds."

"It's been a while that we've come close to each other, but it's all over now, and we have to worry about it going on, and I do not want to live the same again."

"I'll be honest, we'll probably never go with the holidays, but there's absolutely no problem between us."


"There's an atmosphere in the team, everyone works closely with each other, and I work closely with him, so there's nothing wrong with that." said.

Szafnauer, on the other hand, said that Ocon and Perez would closely follow what they did during the season.

"We'll start the season from where we left off last year, letting the races compete in the last few races."

"One of the phases of team building is contact, that is, the phase of conflict, and when you pass this stage you are starting to work better together.

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