Alonso: There is a lot to come!

Alonso: There is a lot to come!

fernando Alonso signaled that McLaren would be stronger in Melbourne after the last day of testing.
Fernando Alonso, on the last day of the test, was still on his way to the turbo problem on the eighth turn, McLaren decided to switch to a new engine.


As the hours progressed, Alonso returned to the track and started to make long runs first.

The Spanish pilot, who used hyper-soft tires in the last minute of the day, finished second in the day with 1:17,784. It was 0.563 seconds slower than Spanish pilot Raikkonen.

The old world champion says to McLaren that everything's okay.

"So the winter test is over," said Alonso, "we had problems on some days but we were able to complete our programs every day."

"In recent days we have started to get more performance from the car and everything seems to be headed in the right direction."

"There is more to the future, we are working on updates, of course the situation is the same for everyone, everyone is hiding it, but we are hiding it too."

"Nobody wants to show his card, we do not show it, we are trying to develop the car and we are just focusing on ourselves."

"We'll see what we can do in Australia. said.


Eric Boullier is also very pleased with Alonso's round.

"Of course you did not see it, but when you reached the finish line and made 1: 17.8, people were very happy in the garage and factory, everyone was following the test."

"This is what we expect from Fernando, he has a very good mood, he's committed himself to it, he's behind us, that's all we need before the season."

Wolff: Red Bull looks very fast

Wolff: Red Bull looks very fast

Raikkonen: We could go much faster if we wanted to

Raikkonen: We could go much faster if we wanted to