2017 Formula 1 championship 15th race ahead of Malaysia GP pole position Mercedes champion leader driver Lewis Hamilton's closest competitor Sebastian Vettel was last in the turbo issue.

Hamilton, who is the leader in the championship and has been in an unbeatable position since summer, won 9th place in this order and 70th pole position in his career by winning 1: 30.076 in the rankings.

While Hamilton earned pole position, Sebastian Vettel, the biggest opponent in the championship, suffered a turbo problem in the aftermath of a third-engine problem and was eliminated in the first session.

The other Ferrari pilot, Kimi Raikkonen, was forced to Hamilton in the absence of his teammate Vettel but missed the pole position by 0.045 seconds.


Red Bull pilots, in turn, could not compete with Mercedes and Ferrari. Today's birthday, Max Verstappen, was third behind him in 0.465 seconds, followed by his teammate Daniel Ricciardo.

Valtteri Bottas, another Mercedes pilot, did not find the rhythm he wanted in the sequence and could be 5th behind his teammate 0.7 seconds.

The fastest name after the first 3 teams was Force India's Esteban. 6th place Ocon was followed by Stoffel Vandoorne from McLaren, Nico Hulkenberg from Renault, and Sergio Perez, the other pilot of Force India, could only be 9th.

The last name to succeed in the last session was Fernando Alonso from McLaren. Alonso could not improve his rank and stayed in 10th place.

Felipe Massa from 2nd place seansta Williams was the first to be eliminated, followed by Renault's Jolyon Palmer and Williams's rookie Lance Stroll.

Carlos Sainz in Toro Rosso was in the 14th position and Daniel Kvyat was just behind Pierre Gasly, who started competing in the first qualifying session.

Haas pilot Romain Grosjean, 16th in the first session of the sequence, was followed by her teammate Kevin Magnussen, Sauber pilots Pascal Wehrlein and Marcus Ericsson.

Vettel, who had never been able to take a lap after the turbo problem, finished last day.