2018 F1 cars will faster by two seconds per lap According to the simulations given by teams to Pirelli, Formula 1 cars will be two seconds faster per race next season.

This year the car was changed to technical rules in order to be faster, more surprising and more difficult and the goal was to be five seconds faster per lap than in 2015.


While this development was seen on every track this year, the development peaked in Malaysia, where Lewis Hamilton sped nine seconds faster than two years ago.

As teams continue to evolve due to current aerodynamic rules, no vehicle is fully developed yet, and all of this points out that the vehicles will be even faster in the future.

Pirelli explained that the vehicles will be even faster at the new moment. "If we think that the development rate will be 1-1.5 seconds per year, we will see vehicles that are two seconds faster per lap at the end of next year," said Pirelli F1 manager Mario Isola.


"The vehicles will be faster because we will make the tires softer, but for the Halo future, the weight of the vehicles will be increased." With extra weight and Halo, it is possible to say that the vehicles will slow down by 0.3 or 0.4 seconds. said.

When the minimum weight set for Halo is set at 6 pounds in 2018, it is necessary to make Halo stronger in order to pass the crash test according to the statements made by Force India, and as a result, the weight of this sitemap is up to 14 kg.

It is known that the extra weight in Formula 1 changes according to the weight of the runway, but it is thought that a weight of 10 kg equates to a roughly 0.3 second lap time.