Brown: We were quick enough to win a race in 2017


McLaren manager Zak Brown thinks the McLaren chassis is in good enough condition to win the race in 2017.
McLaren was able to deliver a strong performance, especially on the outskirts of the chassis, but failed to achieve successful results because Honda was behind other engine makers.

Fernando Alonso recorded the fastest race of the race while the best result he got last season was the seventh in Hungary.

Brown said they wanted to be at least in the podium battle on the new front, and said they already had a strong base on the chassis side.

"I hope we can fight for the podiums and I think it's hard to win because we will have big teams like Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull when we give this fight, but we want to compete with them and at least make a champagne celebration."

"We have a map showing where our car is exactly, we were in the rally with Red Bull."


"In some races we had to win the Red Bull, in some races we had to win, and most of the things we developed worked well, we're good at correlating."

"People are waiting for us to return to the fight, we are one of the leading teams in the grid and we will be back the way we belong." said.

"We wanted to wait before the engine change, and we knew what to do, even if we did not make a statement until after the summer break," Brown asked, questioning if they had lost time with the new engine.

"We started a couple of weeks late but people did overtime,  we do not have any disadvantages." said.