Brawn wants Aston Martin, Lamborgini and Porsche in F1

Despite the fact that in recent years many car giants have been named Formula 1, there is no entry due to the high cost of the car.


For many years Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen are said to enter Formula 1, but these rumors have not turned into a reality.

But as Liberty takes over, the work is being done to make the sport cheaper, simpler and better.

Manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Lamborgini and Porsche seem satisfied with these developments, even though better engine/chassis rules are being prepared for the 2021 and the existing manufacturers do not support it.


"We prefer to see a large number of first-class manufacturers in Formula 1, and we must provide the environment for that," said Brown's sport manager.

"Indeed, one of the Porsche points, I can give Lamborghini and Aston Martin as an example, and we have to make the current conditions more attractive for these manufacturers to get into the spore." said.

In this context, Brawn emphasized the importance of simplifying the 2021 engine rules.

"If we look at the power unit rules that we have now, no manufacturer has shown interest in these engines, none of these companies will enter the spore under these conditions."

"For this reason we have to change the existing rules, make the engines cheaper, make it simpler and easier, otherwise we will not be able to shoot them."