Berger: The Hamilton-Vettel battle will continue in 2018

Former F1 pilot Gerhard Berger said the fight between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton will continue in 2018.

Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton have won the championship battle this year, unlike the Mercedes domination in recent years.

Although Mercedes won more races overall in this year, Ferrari was fast even closer to the German braces in races that did not have trouble.


While Mercedes and Hamilton's chances of winning the championship seem to be very high, the Berger thinks that this fight will continue in 2018.

Former McLaren and Ferrari pilot, "Vettel should not feel lost in 2017."

"Ferrari made a big attack after last year and put more pressure on Mercedes than expected."

"In 2018 there will be a great battle between Hamilton and Vettel, both of which will be four times world champions." said.

"I was surprised that Ferrari was doing a good job and this caused too much pressure on the team," Berger said of the problems in the recent races. said.